I wanted to let you know that my IWOM kept me warm while I was in Alberta this year hunting whitetails. It brought me good luck!
Kevin Wallen
IWOM kept me warm today in 20 degree weather. worked like a charm.
Matthew Hare, Massachusetts
Just got back from Kansas and The IWOM made the hunt enjoyable. Woke up to a morning of 13 degrees out with 20 MPH winds that I never felt because of the suit. I wore a bare minimum, long johns, a tee shirt a button up shirt and a lite jacket. I was amazed on how warm I was and how it warmed my feet after placing them inside and zippering up the suit. I only harvested a doe, but wouldn't change a thing about the hunt! Hopefully my kids will buy their own!
John Kaputa, Pennsylvania
25 degrees with 30 mph gusts. Nothing like sitting all day in comfort in the old IWOM.
Dan at Straight Arrow Outfitters, Iowa Straight Arrow Outfitters
Well, she didn't get a deer Saturday but she got this one yesterday. She's hunted for 9 days straight! This buck came out and she hesitated taking him. She said he didn't look very big when he walked out. He's a nice, mature buck. Rut is in full swing. She was also wearing her IWOM at the time!
Greta & daughter Brooklyn, Tennessee
Just got back from an awesome Saskatchewan hunt and wanted to let you know how the IWOM suit worked. I was hunting with Wayne Gopher of TW outfitters . The first two days were warm for Saskatchewan and while I wore the suit it was with zippers open and windows open in the blind. Day 3 turned colder with 6 " of snow and temperatures falling into the teens. Late in the day I was able to harvest a fantastic 200+ inch mule deer after sitting comfortably for 10 hours. The next few days got colder with lows around 0 degrees and highs around 20. I was able to sit in cold temps for 11 hours a day waiting for a big whitetail to show up. I would put a hand warmer in the bottom of the suit and take my boots off. My feet stayed warm. One hand warmer in the muff allowed me to wear light shooting gloves all day making it much easier to glass and shoot. After 7 days and over 70 additional hours in the blind a beautiful high 160" buck stepped out at last light. The IWOM suit worked great and I would highly recommend it. In fact I'm going to order another one in a dark camo . Thanks
Jeff Meyerl, Pennsylvania
I received one of your IWOM hunting suits as an early Christmas gift last night, and I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE it! I'm a slim female who gets cold super super easy, and my biggest challenge in bow hunting has always been keeping warm, especially during the late season months (we're in Massachusetts). I've been out all morning in low 30 degree temps and high winds and am still entirely warm and comfortable head to toe. I couldn't be happier with it!! Thank you for making such an awesome product, I'll definitely be recommending it to others! Best regards
Christine Conroy
I believe this to be one of the best thought through products that I have grown to depend on for a cold weather, late season hunt. I am a cold blooded guy that loves to bow hunt. I can tell you for a fact that I absolutely do not get cold wearing this suit. The deep zippered pockets work great, as do the hand warming connected pocket that is perfectly placed for a sitting position in a stand. I also love the ability to put it on at the truck, be able to pull up the bottom, cinch up the built in strap and walk in. Basically I would not change a single thing and love this suit!!
Jason, Iowa
I am not a cold weather hunter. Opening day of the Wisconsin Gun season was 11/19 and it was a high of 30 degrees, 15 degrees with the wind chill with 30-40mph winds. I got in my stand around 4:30am, kicked my boots off and crawled right into my IWOM. at 7:00am my buck came walking through and I made a perfect 70 yard shot after rocking with the wind for about 10 minutes trying to get steady. The IWOM was so comfortable and easy to move around in to make the perfect shot on this deer. Any other day I would have went home freezing but not this year, I sat the entire rest of the day staying nice at warm thanks to my IWOM. To really top it off, I say another 12 hours the next day filming my husband in hopes of him to fill his tag. This would have NEVER happened if it wasn't for your product. There was a point where I thought I was starting to sweat! In 30 degree weather...SAY WHAT?! Thanks again for making my cold Northern Wisconsin Deer Hunts much more comfortable!!
Kasey Gelhausen, Wisconsin
Bear hunting in Pa. 15 Degrees and 30 mph wind but will be able to stay out all day because of IWOM.
Kevin Rohrer , Pennsylvania
I love mine! It was 14 degrees this morning here in Iowa where I am hunting and the frigid cold didn't chase me out of my deer stand. I was nice and toasty the whole time. They really put a lot of thought into the design of this great product which makes it not only warm and comfy, but very useful also. I enjoy filming but in these cold temps my camera will shut off if I leave it out. Instead I store it in the large zippered pocket under the hand warmer pocket and it works fine when I take it out. If the cold ever made you get out of the woods early this product will keep you where you want to be longer. IWOM.... There is no comparison.
Rocky McGuigan
Thank you! Finally something that he stayed nice and toasty in which allowed for extended hours in the woods! Strongly recommended. (USED IWOM PURSUIT XT HUNTING GARMENT)
Lisa Davis, Ohio
Two years ago I purchased a heated body suit to help me sit through the difficult cold winter weather. I found this equipment to be bulky and bothersome to transportation in and out of the stand without sweating up a storm. So I was on the hunt for a better solution to my deep woods issues. I was watching WildTv and the IWOM product was aired in the Hunter's Gear section. I thought this is a good idea. But being a big man, I didn't think they would have my size and if so I would feel too snug. Well to my surprise they had a 3xl and 6'2-6'6. So I talked my wife into getting it for me as an early January birthday gift in November. Good idea eh! So I took my measurements and sent them off to Allan Potter and the team. He wrote back and informed me my chest size of 60' might be a bit snug but if I wanted to buy it he would work with me. So we purchased the IWOM XT. I am happy to say the IWOM XT fit good even with three undershirts and pants as well as with my Cabela's vest. Thank Allan and the team for a good product. Chi-Miigwetch!
Roger A. Boyer II, Michigan
just sat in my treestand during a lake effect storm. 20 mph sustained winds with just of up to 50 mph . i have never been so warm in my 40 plus yrs of deer hunting in western NY. I am totally impressed. Looking forward to getting to know my hunting suit even better. Well worth the money .
Dennis Smith, New York
Love the IWOM, simply the best hunting investment after my gun!
Derrick Bell, Georgia
It was 27 deg this morning in Michigan. I read my trail cameras and knew I had to be out before 5am so I was not to spook him. When he came by at 6am and bed down 50 yards away. I was warm in my iwom. At 7:15 the does came threw and he came over to check on them. I was lucky enough to get a shot. Thank you love the iwom.
Ted Forester , Michigan
2nd Day wearing my IWOM.
Vaughn VanSkiver, New York
Well guys I finally got to test my iwom in Canada bow hunting last week! It is awesome and would buy another one in a heart beat. I think a couple of my buddies are going to take the plunge and give up their heater body suits. I also killed a nice buck to boot. Thanks for a great product fellas!
Scott, New York
LOVE LOVE Mine!!!! ❤ Best ever in the Northern Wisconsin Winter!!
Kasey Gelhausen , Wisconsin
January 15, 2016 I had the pleasure of putting my Iwom Suit to the test. It was the last evening of the Ohio Muzzleloader season. We had a few inches of snow and the windchill was -4 degrees. I sat on the ground in my Predator Camo Iwom suit for two and half hours and not even my toes got cold. After having this deer with in 50 yards of me for over twenty minutes, I decided it was time to take the shot. If it was not for my Iwom Suit, I would of been at home thinking about next year. Thanks for producing such a great product.
Ryan Wentling, Ohio
As a resident of Arizona for the past 25 years, I can assure you my blood has thinned and I CANNOT handle the cold! I hunt during the rut every year with friends just south of Aberdeen, South Dakota. The amount of Under Armour and clothes I wear has become a standing hunt lodge joke year after year! Last year (now considered "pre-IWOM" hunting) there was a serious front that came through South Dakota. It was the peak of the rut, and I found myself in the lodge trying to defrost. I honestly was not having fun freezing in the tree and it got to the point I didn’t even care about hunting because I was so miserably cold while sitting in the tree. Then, Danny, who was the only one able to sit all day, introduced me to his IWOM (enter "post IWOM hunting"). I respect Danny's equipment recommendations as he spends many days in the field. As you know, I purchased the IWOM XT for this year's South Dakota hunt. I can honestly say, IWOM has completely changed my hunting life! I was able to sit sun up to sun down everyday even in sub-zero temperatures.
Brian Recher, Arizona
I killed this buck wearing my IWOM suit.
Lamar Pittman, Alabama
Thanks to IWOM for a suit built to take extreme cold. Late season hunt in Ohio( -15 ) and I was as warm as sitting in my house ! Being able to sit on a stand and not in a blind helped me harvest this 159 inch brute! Thanks IWOM!
Chuck Ritenour, OHIO
Another awesome coyote hunt at River Rack Outfitters with my IWOM. He didn't see it coming!
Brad Blain , Ohio
Just wanted to thank you again for making such a great product! Sat out yesterday (1/18/16) in a 1 degree wind chill, and I was toasty warm the entire time! Threw two hand warmers in the hand muff, and I was in heaven! Only saw one deer but without the IWOM I would have been on the couch instead of doing what I love! Thank you to Allen and the whole team there, you guys keep doing what you do! An excellent garment for serious weather conditions!
Kaitlyn Staffieri, Pennsylvania
It is January 11, 2016. Temperature is 8 deg. In Ohio. I am in my treestand with my IWOM on and I am very comfortable. I love this thing!
David Allen , OHIO
Alberta lynx wearing my IWOM!
Donna Wailkey, New Jersey
Bought my IWOM suit for my November trip to Ohio... With a little snow falling I was VERY COMFORTABLE! Shot my biggest buck yet! Thanks for an incredible suit! I love it!!
CT Townsend , North Carolina
28 degrees and could not be more happy!!!
Brian Raybold , Pennsylvania
First buck off the new Illinois ground.
Mark Jones, Illinois
Shot this buck at 12 yards in my (IWOM XT) Predator Fall Gray suit, he never knew I was there.
Bruce Cheever , Vermont
In my IWOM with my first ever buck. THANKS!
Tammy, Pennsylvania
First day of rifle season and the IWOM worked like a charm!
Vanessa Lloyd , Pennsylvania
Opening day of 2015 Wisconsin Gun Season, 12 inches of snow, and temps in the 20s. Rob loved his new IWOM. He sat in his tree stand all day in total comfort. IWOM XT rocks. This is the selfie he sent to me when the rest of our hunting group began complaining they were cold and wet! We were warm and dry. Great Product.
Joe V & Rob, Wisconsin
All I can say is that I sat 6 straight days in Alberta from daylight until dark in an open ladder stand. No heat, snow, wind, cold, but I never got cold which allowed me to be there when the moment of truth arrived. The (Kloak Arctikon) pattern worked great with the snow and light colored birch and poplar trees. Everyone in the camp was impressed with the IWOM Suit. Thanks
David Greer, Alberta, Canada
I hunted 4 days in Saskatchewan sunup till sundown, temps of 10 degrees to 25 degrees, I just varied my baselayers and I was totally comfortable.The 4th day was the coldest and I filled my tag with this nice deer with bow. I’d already taken off my Iwom when we took the pictures, but believe me , it worked great,thanks for making a great garment for bowhunting in cold weather. P.S.I know what cold weather is, ha!
Dan E , North Dakota
26° and snowing in North Central Iowa this afternoon. My IWOM XT still enables me to get out in the woods in the harshest conditions. Stayed warm and dry this evening! Thanks IWOM
Reed Schwarck‎ , Iowa
Two very successful IWOM hunts in the books!
Upper Edge Outfitters, Alberta, Canada
Don Chambers , Indiana
Seth Stevens, Indiana