IWOM XT is the best hunting suit you can buy. It has all the features you need for a all day sit in a tree stand. Hood, hand gator, extra pockets, easy to carry in. The best though it's waterproof and you stay warm. IWOM also has the best customer service, if you have any problems. Bought mine for the 2014 season and another for a buddy this season. Now, I don't look at the weather, I just grab my IWOM and hunt.
Joe Vosberg, Wisconsin
I have been hunting for 44 years. I have tried all the latest gear over this time. Now the IWOM. I just put it on...period. Light clothing underneath if cool, a good (single) base layer if cold. Nothing else required but boots. No restriction, warm and dry like you're not even outside. So far have sat in rain, sleet, wind and a combination of all three. I can sit all day. Maybe longer! I take the items I will need out of the pack and use the ample pockets. The foot bed that hangs down in parka mode makes for a nice warm and dry seat in the woods, by the fire, and in the UTV. You guys have thought of everything!!! You can easily see it designed by a hunter. By far the best suit I have ever dreamed of owning. I sell it to all my hunting buddies. This is a product you need to try to appreciate...and when you do...you will be sold!!! I plan to buy one for both my sons this Christmas. Thanks Team IWOM
Tony, Michigan
I bought an IWOM outfit and love it.
James Vincent Brann III, VA
On a cool windy day IWOM kept Tammy warm enough to make her first bow kill on a mature doe.
Harry Aikey, PA
Awesome product. Love that I don't have to sweat my tail off getting to stand anymore.
Daniel M , Delaware
I love my IWOM! It kept me so warm! Normally I'm the first to say I am cold today I never said I was cold...awesome!
Melissa Lane , PA
"Opening day of rifle season in northern Alberta. Staying toasty in my IWOM!"
Buck, Alberta, Canada
I just received your IWOM XT on Wednesday and took it out Thursday morning to test it out in North Central Wisconsin. The temp was in the upper 30s most of the day with a strong northwest wind and a little light drizzle. I was able to get back in a new location with a backpack, my climber, and bow, without breaking a sweat from all the bulky clothes. Long story short, I was able to sit comfortably until 1:30 when this nice 9-point came in. Very happy with the product. It meets and excedes expectations. Thank you!
Dakota Heidmann, Edgar, WI
The Suit really does work amazing.. temps this am are -32 f with the wind it's below -40 terrible cold and your suit keeps me in the tree. -Thanks again for your great customer service. Kyle Gardner
Kyle Gardner , Alberta, Canada
Antonio Polisi
December 2014- The morning started 19 below zero sat for 7 hours saw 4 deer no problem. I highly recommend this suit to anyone hunting cold climates. I'm heading to northern Ontario this fall I'm sure I'll be comfortable. Thanks
Rich Brewin , Maine
This was from this past rifle season (2014) in Wisconsin. I was nice and warm, my only complaint was I didn't have on some shooting glasses to keep the snow out of my eyes haha
Zach WIlson, WI
I am actually taken back by your customer service. I believe in supporting those companies that support us as a hunting community. You have made a customer for life. I am a member of Archerytalk.com and there is a good number of hunters who use and follow your products. Thank you....I will tell everyone that will ask.
Paul Merioles, Alton, IL
Thanks for the info and a great product, I recently found out that 2 more of my hunting friends recently purchased your product after owning heater body suits for a few seasons and another one will be ordering one as soon as the predator camo is available this fall. Thanks again
Glen Smith, NY
Me this winter warm in my IWOM suit. 2014/2015
Custy Demikoff, NJ
23 degrees and snowing. Testing out my new IWOM gear. Wearing a base layer Of Under Armour 3.O. Snug-as-a-bug. Sitting 7ft from the bird feeder and "nobody" cares as birds are flying in all around me.
Lyril Hanerman, Lancaster, PA
Jack wearing his IWOM last day of shotgun season 2014 with a big doe that he bagged.
Cindy Kay, NJ
My 2014 PA buck. 20 degree frosty morning, Iwom kept me in the stand! Shot him at 11:00am.
Jason Mucker, PA
Dad and I hunting in Alberta with our Iwom's.
Donna Waliky, NJ
Here's a picture of me in my IWOM with my late season Missouri archery buck. It was -1 degrees when I went out that morning. It warmed up to almost 20 by the end of the day, but I wouldn't have made it without my IWOM!
David Lin, MO
First banded goose this year wearing my IWOM in the goose blind. Staying warm and spilling blood. - Triple Toe Calls
Lee Powers, PA
Shot this guy this morning while wearing my IWOM suit. It happened so fast I didn't even have to turn on my go pro. He popped up at 20 yards and popped him at 13. I am happy how stealthy and warm I can be while wearing my IWOM suit.
Matt Winstead, KY
Suit really does work amazing! Temps this am are -32 f with the wind it's below -40 terrible cold and your suit keeps me in the tree. I have been sitting out on stand in the iwom suit and haven't gotten cold yet. Leg one of my trip was a success I connected on a152" whitetail .
Kyle Gardner , Stephentown, NY
Just wanted you to know that the IWOM XT performed beyond what I could have imagined. I hunted through the coldest and snowiest November on record for SW Michigan! 12 degree temps and 15 inches of snow. Throughout the hunt I was warm and comfortable. I had deer as close as the outer wall of my blind not sense that I was there. I could literally hear them breathe. I took a doe this season as it was a hard hunt without a lot of deer movement. My IWOM made the much easier and comfortable.I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did to insure I got the right IWOM and in time for my hunt.
Bill Polensky, Michigan
This is a deer my daughter was able to harvest while wearing her new suit. It worked really well. Thanks for a great product and can't wait for her to get to try the suit during the late season.
Weston Lemon, Willow Springs, MO
I ordered an IWOM from you back in October for my whitetail hunt in Alberta, Canada and in Northern Maine. I just wanted to let you know the suit worked great. In Maine I just used the suit and polar weight thermals and the suit worked amazing. In Canada we hit a real cold snap, it was -15' almost every morning and didnt get much warmer than that. Had it not been for the IWOM on those cold days, I dont think I would have been able to stay in the stands all day. All the guys I hunted with as well as the guide were very impressed with the suit and all asked for the info on it.
Nick DiDuca, Alberta, Canada
I ordered the hunting suit last week, yesterday was opening gun deer season in Wisconsin. Opening day was 30 degrees, and I am 30 feet up in a pine tree, winds were about 20 mph, I have been sitting this stand dark to dark opening day for many years, it is just a climber no walls etc. I sat yesterday dark to dark, it was a very comfortable experience. Second day, 40 degrees but rain and wind, my favorite part about this system is I can dress very light so I do not sweat on the long walk to the stand, one in, I zip everything up and no wind or rain touches me, a very good experience! Very nice product.
Shane, Green Bay Wisconson
Never thought I'd see the day where I wouldn't be cold in the stand. I even get cold early bow season... then I got my Iwom! I can sit even during the coldest-windiest days and never feel a chill. Before I invested in the Iwom, I checked out the competition. I wanted to be an educated buyer & make an informed decision. After talking to competitors, analyzing all the specs, and then the staff at Iwom, it was an easy decision. The customer service sold me. This is my second season hunting with my Iwom. I am absolutely thrilled with it and recommend it to everyone. As a female hunter the only thing holding me back was the cold, & now I don't have to worry about that! I love the face mask versatility, the arm mobility I have in the Iwom that makes it a breeze to draw back my bow, & the pockets! I have found there is no wrong way to wear an Iwom!
Julie Harper, OK
Got the IWOM yesterday, killed him this am.
Kasey Karson, kodak, TN
Received my IWOM yesterday, gave it try last night as it was a balmy 17 here. One word describes it, PHENOMENAL.
Todd Wallace, Canton, Mi
Shot this guy Sunday morning in central Illinois while wearing my IWOM! 11/16/14
Nick Hendrickson, Illinois
Put the IWOM through it paces the past 2weeks. Preformed excellent. On Veterans Day a cold front pushed in with rain high winds, then turning to freezing rain. I sat from 5:45am and was able to stay in stand all morning til this beautiful 9pt. Graced me with his presence. Without the IWOM I wouldn't have been able to say in the stand all morning. The rain, wind, and rapidly declining temps were some tough conditions. Thanks again.
Anthony B, WI
First day with the IWOM!
Kirk Sweet, Mi
My wife and I hunted Friday in 20 degree weather with 40 mph winds. I tried to put a heater body suit on for the first time in a tree stand with these high wind and I thought I was going to take off like a sail boat. She had no problems getting set up an was all cozy in no time at all (in her IWOM). I was sold on your product before but was wishing I had it that day so please get it to me this coming weekend!
Ron R, Illinois
Thanks IWOM . In the tree stand and it's in the 40's and I am nice and warm!
Todd VanDresar
I am very passionate about my sport in bow hunting, matter of fact that is why I am disabled. Five years ago I fell from my tree stand breaking my back leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. I missed it so much I was back in the woods in less then 3 months. Without bow hunting I would be lost so I cannot thank you enough because your suit allows me to get out there even when it is cold. Many may think that it's not a big deal, however if you're disabled you have a tendency to depend on other and your suit allows independence and most able body individuals over look that. Your suit does more then gives warmth and scent control it gives independence. That is priceless so thank you.
Corey Zielinski, Ann Arbor, Mi
Got I'm my tree at 0545 and stayed there till 1745, it was 4 deg, with a 18 MPH wind and I never got cold! In the past I would have moved to another stand at noon just to warm up, not in my IWOM, amazing thing is the only other thing I was wearing was a thermal top/bottom and my normal Oct weather trousers/long sleeve top! Being a USMC for 21yrs, I have had the opportunity to wear all kinds of fancy cold weather products, nothing compares to the IWOM! Everyone of my buddy's that took my advice and bought one have thanked me repeatedly! Tomorrow we are suppose to have 10" of snow, -8 deg w/ 20MPH winds, I will be in the stand, when others are penned up at home THANK YOU IWOM OUTERWEAR!!!!
Brian Fogarty, Illinois
One less "tag sandwich" thanks to my IWOM!
David Lin, Missouri
16* in South AL yesterday. This old boar found out the hard way! IWOM suit came through in style! Wish I'd had it in Saskatchewan a few years back!!! Thanks guys!
John Ramsey, Alabama
Overall, I'm in love with my IWOM. I cannot say enough great things about it. While a few things about it pose small challenges, they would never deter me from wearing it. Obviously, taking a deer the first day I was wearing it helped boost my confidence in it. I am no stealthy ninja, and if I can get into my shooting "stance" (while in a chair), and get my bow drawn while wearing it, the challenges really aren't that great. I have had no issue staying warm while wearing it, and it has now become a must for me to pack with me when I'm hunting.
Glynn , Elk City, OK