Boy, what a difference. Saturday it was 20-28* with a stiff 15 mph NW wind, and Sunday it was 16-21* with a light breeze. Each sit was 5-6 hours long and I didn't get anywhere close to being cold. That hand muff must be the warmest one on the planet. Overall I'm extremely pleased with my IWOM. Couldn't be happier. I just wish I would have bought one sooner so I could've had it on my trip to Ohio last month, there were a couple days there where I froze my butt off!
IWOM Review from a WarmBag owner.......ouch! I've owned a first version WarmBag in ASAT camo and currently own the newer reversible camo WarmBag. Here on AT I’ve been a big proponent of the WarmBag because of being able to walk in with it on and easily slip my arms out to shoot or....text. I've never worn a Heater Body Suit but have seen and played with one. This last week I was given a chance to demo/own an IWOM here in Ohio. I was completely floored by the IWOM. Everything about it is almost dead-nuts, perfectly designed. I’m going to try and describe some of things that I was very impressed with that honestly the videos and owners of IWOM’s here on AT never mention. .... READ MORE and See Pics-
Had the chance this past week to put my IWOM to the test. Two mornings ago when I left the house at 5:30 am to go to my stand it was 22 degrees and the wind was blowing a cool 10 to 15 mph. traditionally the temperature drops another 2 to 4 degrees near daylight so it was cold without a doubt that day. I stayed cozy warm with no problem. In fact, I even unzipped a couple of times to cool down much to my disbelief. You get high marks from me for this garment. I am very satisfied. My only complaints were that my glasses kept fogging up, as they do with any sort of facemask that I wear and it was difficult to feel my kisser button through the mask. I just rolled the mask inside the garment and did not use it when game was moving around close by. Thanks for the warmth. Hunting in cold weather has become possible again.
Richard P., NY
I went on a hunting boat trip this past Wed and spent an unscheduled night out on a frosty Wisconsin night. It wasn't an IWOM Brutal Gear XT kind of hunt, but sure glad I had it along! It would have been a very cold night without it. I couldn't legally or safely start a fire, I was dressed for 50 degree weather, had no intention of being out there in 30 degree weather over night, but this is Wisconsin and stuff happens. Survival tip for everyone, be prepared for the worst weather possible. Two $3 items plus my IWOM XT made my night pretty dry and toasty. That $3 item was an emergency space blankets, which fits in any of the pockets on the XT, I had 2. Kept me off the wet ground, made a tent to keep the frost off, noisy but effective.
Larry Ehlert, WI
I'm in northern Ontario hunting wolves for the show its -20 with a windchill of -45 an I am warm and comfortable in my IWOM Thought you should know Thanks
Steve Hipson, Hard Core Hunter TV
Went fox hunting Saturday 2/2/2013 In my new IWOM hunting Suit.Temperture 24 degrees, sat in my tree stand 4 hrs and was warm as toast. Dress light weight, longjohns and flannel shirt with jeans regular hunting boots.Shot a nice red fox too. IWOM Hunting Suit is a great product. Thanks
Joe Gallagher, Mountain Top, PA
Can you find my dad in this picture? 11 degrees out. This is why we bought the IWOM!
Donna W., NJ
I've killed 4 late season deer while wearing my IWOM. I've extended my hunting season considerably and I do not fear the cold!
David , MO
The IWOM kept me toasty long enough to spot this big buck.
Richard, PA
Brady stayed nice and warm in his IWOM at the Chris Bowser wheelin handicapped hunt @ Lake Raystown 12/8/12
Brady, PA
It's the greatest outerwear out there!!!!! It dose what they say !!! It keeps u warm all the time!!! So u can hold still in your stand and not shake when your freezing cold!! I would not trade it for nothing !!!!! I couldn't hunt without it !!!!!
Jeff H, IA

I just received the smaller suit and it's perfect!  No more bunched up materials around my arms, waist, and legs!  The cuffs are exactly where they need to be, diameter is slim and to top it off.... it's lighter in weight!  I can't say enough good things for your service and product!  I'm so glad I went with the IWOM suit and will forever pass the word.  My friend will be buying one soon too!   This is just in time for my final few hunts of the archery season in a few weeks!  Thank you!

Linh X, St. Paul, Mn

My IWOM kept me warm on my stand from dark till dusk, until this big boy stepped out at 5pm. Thanks guys!

Jon, PA

Thanks to my IWOM for keeping me in the stand long enough to bag this Missouri beauty.

Jeff, MO

My moose hunting was successfull;  I took some pictures of me in my Iwom (which is so great!) and the moose; The moose had a 43 inches rack 

Joel , Quebec, Canada

Thanks IWOM!

I was able to stay in the tree all day, long enough to bag this Illinois Monster.

Rob Strewig, Harrisburg, PA

Just a quick "Thank You". I purchased an IWOM about 2 weeks ago and got a chance to use during both the MI Archery season and the MI Rifle opener this past week. I absolutely love the IWOM! The freedom of movement it allows me to and the from the stand is excellent. This piece of gear allows me to stay in the stand much longer than before when the temperature drops and a warm, comfortable hunter is a happy hunter! I plan on purchasing another IWOM for my girlfriend for late season hunting here in Michigan. I don't know how I ever lived without this thing! It was well worth the investment.

Sean L, MI
5:00 A.M. walked to stand in a drizzle, changed to rain shortly after, zipped into my IWOM and sat down, at day break it turned to sleet then snow shortly later. Had deer around me all day, finally, around 2:00 P.M. something decent came by, he gave me quite a show! A 30 yard shot hit home, he dropped 150 yards later! Thanks for keeping me warm, dry and scent free. I couldn't have done it without you! 2012
Joe K. , Bayer, IA

Back from Alberta with this big boy. It was a bone chilling -25 degrees and I was able to stay out and warm for 9 plus hours to get it.



Thanks guys!

Clint H, NC

I love ♥ my IWOM !!!!!!!!! I can stay in the woods all day long before the Sun wakes and after the Sun goes to sleep... No matter how cold and pouring down raining...IWOM makes it all better thanks IWOM!!!!!

April C

I was wearing my IWOM in Minnesota  when I shot this brute with an unbelievable droptine. I never would have got the deer without my IWOM as I wouldn't have been able to take the cold !!!

Tom D, IA

I did a lot of research on different cold weather systems and I've actually used some of the other guys' stuff - the functionality and mobility of the IWOM immediately won me over. It's one thing to be warm...but to be warm and be able to move to take the shot gives the IWOM the advantage over the other systems. As an avid bowhunter, the IWOM will definitely make my season longer!

David L, MO

I have an IWOM - you will be hard pressed to find a warmer until on those cold day sets. Best part it, folds up easy so you don't sweat on the way in or out - less scent!

Chris Carr (Working Man's Hunter), PA

Me in the IWOM last Saturday on the last day of archery. It was in the 20s n I was nice and warm.

Sam Wise, PA

My wife shot this while wearing my moms IWOM. She didnt get cold that night and was able to but a good shot on this 19in wide michigan buck.

Jake V, MI
Success in Saskatchewan!
Wearing my IWOM in Sub-Freezing temps made for enjoyable all day hunts! Many of the hunters in camp now know the attributes of the IWOM XT Brutal Gear

Gil, FL

Just got in from a successful hunt in Saskatchewan, we had over 20 inches of snow (didn’t stop all week) and freezing temps and stayed warm and dry on the stand for 11 plus hours a day. I’m a true believer now and love the fact that you can bow hunt in it without any screw ups.

Ken C

I just wanted you to know that i just returned from South Dakota ... The Temp dropped to 5 deg and the windchil at 12 below..I put the IWOM to the test ! other hunters where calling the outfitter to be picked up at 8am because they coudnt take it any longer ! I sat untill noon time 2 days in a row with temps well below Zero and was as warm as toast ! I told every hunter in the camp that the credit

needs to be handed to IWOM and after a few Demo;s everyone was more than impressed. I shot a nice 10pnt and this set up made my trip a sucess ! I expect that I will take orders for more soon as well as hunters from other states that I gave the info to will be getting in touch with you soon ! If you need to give any references pleas have them call my shop at 413-743-0780 and ask for Dan !!!!!

Dan Peck

My wife and I were able to bare the cold for an awesome double kill weekend. Thanks IWOM!


Mike & Molly

Shot this deer on a long cold day last November in Va during the rut. I was able to stay warm and alert for the split second he came on and offered a shot.

Howard, VA

Pennsylvania bear came in on Saturday and i got my 1st pa bear @125lbs. Its was my 1st time to wear my new iwom. Absolutely loved it. It made it much easier to sit all day long. Thank You

Ryan Grandy, PA

my husbands successful deer hunt thanks to his IWOM. The IWOM has performed wonderfully kept him warm and dry, and ready to shoot. this by the way is his first deer ever! Thanks for a wonderful product!


Thanks to IWOM I was able to bag this monster. I love how I can get into my stand easily and then deploy the lower section to cover me up from head to toe.

Brian, PA

The IWOM has absolutely changed my approach to hunting in cold weather. No more stuffing my backpack full of pants, shirts, sweatshirts and coats. Now it's all in one! I'm packing lighter and staying out longer than ever before.

John H., PA

Amazing suit and we've had great sucess with it. We are a urban hunting team from the Washington DC area and we love the suit.

Jon (Most Wanted Hunting) , DC

During my trip, the Alberta weather turned extremely cold, recording all time record lows. The average low was 15 to 20 degrees below zero with highs of 5 to 15 degrees below zero. The use of the IWOM Parka enabled me to be able to sit in my stand from daylight to dark. Without the IWOM Parka I don't think I would have been able to complete my hunt and harvest a great buck.

David Greer, Alberta, Canada