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"Used my new IWOM XT opening day in PA, wow, for once I was warm, comfortable and didn't feel like the Pillsbury dough boy wearing all those clothes. Shot this nice nine pt in Sugarloaf township!!"Michael B, Pennsylvania 

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I have a lot of gear, gadgets, and tools Hunting all over the country while filming for my TV show. Nothing I have is more important to me when fighting the elements!! Quality product and even better people and customer service.Thanks IWOM for a great product and helping me harvest my biggest buck to date. With temps around zero, this Georgia boy was snug as a bug in a rug!!!! Thank you!! #8UpWithItJoe Slye, 8up with It Outdoors #8Upwithit, Georgia

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Never in my life have I shot a large buck past November 18. That was in no part due to a shortage of effort as December cold fronts are my favorite time to be in the stand!Thanksgiving morning began with a quick trip to a foggy rainy backyard sit that revealed nothing but a disappointing card pull on the deer cam....After church, we headed to Thanksgiving dinner. Talking with my Dad as I looked at the forecast, he suggested, that maybe this once I should skip a hunt and relax with Laura. I later told him that all of his...

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Just got back from an awesome Saskatchewan hunt and wanted to let you know how the IWOM suit worked. I was hunting with Wayne Gopher of TW outfitters. The first two days were warm for Saskatchewan and while I wore the suit it was with zippers open and windows open in the blind. Day 3 turned colder with 6 " of snow and temperatures falling into the teens. Late in the day, I was able to harvest a fantastic 200+ inch mule deer after sitting comfortably for 10 hours. The next few days got colder with lows around 0 degrees...

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"Well, she didn't get a deer Saturday but she got this one yesterday. She's hunted for 9 days straight! This buck came out and she hesitated taking him. She said he didn't look very big when he walked out. He's a nice, mature buck. Rut is in full swing. She was also wearing her IWOM at the time!" Greta with her daughter Brooklyn, Tennessee 

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