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Gear Test: Cold-Weather Body Suits Very few products marketed to hunters provide what is arguably the single most important factor that contributes to success--more time in the field. A selection of extreme-cold-weather "body suits," however, delivers on the promise of comfort, functionality, and warmth--everything a late-season hunter needs to endure extra hours on stand in brutal weather. We tested two of the best last winter while hunting whitetails on the coldest days of the season in northern Michigan and coyotes on frigid February nights. Pictured: IWOM XT, left; Heater Body Suit, right.**Comfort:** Both garments provided equal degrees of warmth with...

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The morning started 19 below zero sat for 7 hours saw 4 deer no problem. I highly recommend this suit to anyone hunting cold climates. I'm heading to northern Ontario this fall I'm sure I'll be comfortable. Thanks Rich Brewin, Maine IWOM XT in Mossy Oak Treestand

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