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IWOM Convertible All Purpose Fleece Hoodie

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From the couch to the shopping center to the bleachers, the IWOM Convertible Fleece Hoodie has the same core functions as the popular IWOM hunting systems, with three modes of wear.  You can wear it as a hoodie around the house to stay warm on those chilly days, then when you go to watch your kid's sporting event later that evening, pull it down, covering your legs, using the easy transition elastic waistband for the coziness you want. When you are done with it, just roll it up into the self-containing fanny pack mode for easy transport, storage or even as a pillow on your couch.      

(WARNING: There is a chance you may never want to take it off.)


Ask a Question
  • What are the straps under your arm for?

    The straps under the arms are made to allow the user to drop the IWOM off of their shoulders and clip it at the waist while walking in a mall for example rather than the traditional method of tieing the arms of a sweatshirt in a knot around the waist.

  • Is this product windproof?

    Hello Shane

    I am sorry but the fleece hoodie is not windproof as doing so requires a windproof membrane to be bonded to the back of fleece making it rather stiff to the touch rather than soft to the touch like the one we sell.  

    Thank you for your potential interest.  

    Allen & Team IWOM 

  • When choosing red, the image doesn’t change. Is the entire hoodie red or just trimmed in red?

    Hello Kevin

    Yes, the All Purpose hoodie is all red other than the mock turtleneck and sleeve cuffs which are black.  Let us know if you need any additional information and we will try our best to get you what you need. 

    By the way, how did you first find out about the IWOM All Purpose Hoodie?  We are trying to track our market efforts and would like to keep doing the things that are working best. 

    Thank you again for your interest and we hope to hear from you again soon. 

    Allen & Team IWOM
    814-272-5422 x 1