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IWOM Outerwear LLC Hunting IWOM EL Hunting System (Field Tested Size Return)

IWOM EL Hunting Suit (Field Tested Size Return)

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IWOM EL Description

NOTE: This is a Field-Tested/Size return suit. All suits that get exchanged are evaluated at our returns location and labeled for the condition that we receive them in. These suits are structurally sound but showed signs of use out in the field or were used for demonstration at one of our trade shows. All IWOMs are evaluated by IWOM Outerwear staff before being re-listed for sale and come with the same warranty and satisfaction guarantee that a new suit does. 

 The IWOM EL is a one-piece full-body hunting suit that was designed for the hunter in any condition. The IWOM EL has 3 different modes of wear; Fanny pack mode which allows you to strap the suit around your waist ( rolled up like a sleeping bag in a self-contained stretch pouch) for easy packing and storage while also giving you additional storage in the stretch pouch for small gear items. When in jacket mode the IWOM EL has the mobility of a traditional high-end jacket while keeping you completely mobile and protected from the elements. Finally, in full-body containment mode, the IWOM EL eliminates all the heat release points that you would have in traditional hunting jackets around the head, waist, and feet. When fully deployed the garment acts like a heater suit that not only traps in your heat but also your scent, giving you the ultimate outdoor edge and experience for all-day protection.



  • Extremely Water-Resistant
  • Windproof
  • Built in Self Contained Fanny Pack
  • Hand Muff / Hand Warmer Pocket
  • SmartSilver Antimicrobial Scent Management 
  • 3 Modes of Wear (Jacket, Full Length, Fanny Pack)
  • Rain Hood
  • Fleece Lining
  • Large Kangaroo Pocket
  • Durable Insulated Zip-Close Bottom Panel
  • Built in Facemask (Half Mask)
  • Freedom Waist Belt For Off The Shoulder Wear
  • Breathable
  • Detachable Rain Hood

Features Available on the IWOM XT but NOT the IWOM EL

  • 100% Waterproof
  • IWOM XT Features a full head and facemask & the EL features a Half Mask
  • Padded Safety Harness Passthrough On Back
  • Wrist Gaiters
  • 20% More Insulation in the IWOM XT than IWOM EL
  • Rubberized zippers and Heat Sealed Seams. (Waterproofing)

IWOM Hunting F.A.Q.



  • Temp Rated 40°F above to 0°F.
  • Weight: approx 6-7lbs (depending on your size)
  • Shell: 100% Polyester Microfiber Brushed Tricot with DWR 240g/m2
  • Lamination: 8,000/800
  • Lining: 100% Poly-tricot Material Brushed 110g/m2
  • Insulation: Standard 120g/m2 for Body, 100g/m2 for sleeves
  • Water Repellant Treatment on Outer Fabric

IWOM Hunting F.A.Q.

Satisfaction Guarantee

IWOM has a 100% satisfaction, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If your IWOM product is defective, we kindly ask you to contact the store where you purchased it. Please remember to bring a valid receipt or any other proof of purchase.

If your product fails due to a manufacturing or material defect, we will of course repair the item or replace it within the warranty period.

Damages or faults such as rips, tears, burns and holes are not covered under the terms of our warranty policy. In some cases, you can repair damages caused by normal wear and tear yourself.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with IWOM Outerwear  for further information about your product guarantee.


IWOM Outerwear warrants to the original purchaser, with proof of purchase, that its delivered products shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of 1 year.