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"The picture on the left shows just how cold it was in Saskatchewan as the moisture in the air formed ice crystals on the trail camera. The picture on the right shows just how warm I was sitting all day in my IWOM......"

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Just got back from an awesome Saskatchewan hunt and wanted to let you know how the IWOM suit worked. I was hunting with Wayne Gopher of TW outfitters. The first two days were warm for Saskatchewan and while I wore the suit it was with zippers open and windows open in the blind. Day 3 turned colder with 6 " of snow and temperatures falling into the teens. Late in the day, I was able to harvest a fantastic 200+ inch mule deer after sitting comfortably for 10 hours. The next few days got colder with lows around 0 degrees...

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I hunted 4 days in Saskatchewan sunup till sundown, temps of 10 degrees to 25 degrees, I just varied my baselayers and I was totally comfortable.The 4th day was the coldest and I filled my tag with this nice deer with a bow. I’d already taken off my Iwom when we took the pictures, but believe me, it worked great, thanks for making a great garment for bowhunting in cold weather. Dan E, North DakotaP.S.I know what cold weather is, Ha!

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