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Boar, Hunting, Hunting Jacket, Hunting Suit, IWOM XT, Predator Fall Gray, wisconsin -

Boar hunt was a success. Had a solid hit in the shoulder but not enough lungs. Still had to track him most of the afternoon. Then he went into the thick stuff just before dark so we backed out and got someone on each side of us. 50 yards into it here he comes. 5 shots later he rolls a free throw shot from us. I guess I get to keep my nick name of lucky. Great time and a great hunt. #IWOM#innerwarmthoutermobility#iwomouterwear   Steve Harter, Wisconsin  IWOM XT in Predator Fall Gray

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Bow Hunt, Hunting Suit, IWOM XT, Late Season Hunting, Ohio, realtree -

Last nights success in Ohio. Late season can be brutal to bow hunt. I was a skeptic in the IWOM suit for a long time. I would never have been able to do it without it. Tim Fabbri, Ohio IWOM XT Realtree APHD

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Hunting Sleeping Bag, IWOM Review -

I just told a girl friend, who was complaining about being frozen in her stand, about how awesome your suits are. It’s like being snuggled up in a sleeping bag with arms. I love the built-in face mask, hoodie and handwarmer pouch. Even though I’ve only had it for one season, I can tell the quality material and construction will hold up and last a long time. Missie Snyder, Florida

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Hunting in negative temps, IWOM, IWOM Review, negative temps, Pennsylvania -

I used to dread seeing 20º weather projected during a day that I was gonna hunt. After purchasing the IWOM, I no longer have to dread the sub-zero temperatures. I have worn this suit in the high teens and low 20s and can honestly say I would have no problem sitting in negative temps for 8 hours comfortably. I was skeptical about the warmth as I get cold easily even with bulky clothing, but this blew my expectations away! Thank you so much for creating this amazing product that I consider to be my best weapon to succeed in any...

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IWOM Review, IWOM XT, negative temps -

I'm giving this suit a 6 out 5 stars because..

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