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Heater Body Suit, IWOM Review, Rifle Season, Testimonial, wisconsin -

I am really regretting not getting a photo of the IWOM and my buck together. I shot a nice 11pt last rifle season in Wisconsin on opening morning. You have made a great product! I sold my Heater Body Suit for the IWOM and love it!

Thanks!   Jay

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Best Hunting Gear, Cold Feet, IWOM XT, realtree -

went out this morning in 17-degree weather and was totally warm and toasty with just a light jacket on underneath the suit. 

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Most amazing suit ever!!!! Was able to stay on stand all day or I would have never gotten a shot at this stud. 

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IWOM XT, No Thermals, Realtree -

snug as a bug in my suit, tennis shoes, cotton socks, no thermals, just blue Jean's and a thin long sleeve shirt and this great IWOM suit, perfectly comfortable.



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