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Just got back from an awesome Saskatchewan hunt and wanted to let you know how the IWOM suit worked. I was hunting with Wayne Gopher of TW outfitters. The first two days were warm for Saskatchewan and while I wore the suit it was with zippers open and windows open in the blind. Day 3 turned colder with 6 " of snow and temperatures falling into the teens. Late in the day, I was able to harvest a fantastic 200+ inch mule deer after sitting comfortably for 10 hours. The next few days got colder with lows around 0 degrees...

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I just wanted you to know that i just returned from South Dakota ... The Temp dropped to 5 deg and the windchil at 12 below..I put the IWOM to the test ! other hunters where calling the outfitter to be picked up at 8am because they coudnt take it any longer ! I sat untill noon time 2 days in a row with temps well below Zero and was as warm as toast ! I told every hunter in the camp that the credit needs to be handed to IWOM and after a few Demos everyone was more than...

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