IWOM XT vs Heater Body Suit Review | Alberta Hunting Gear Review | Vital Connection | Cold Temps

IWOM XT VS Heater Body Suit Review | Alberta Hunting Gear | Vital Connection

Vital Connection / Lamb Brothers: Review

How do you stay warm in the the stand? The Lamb brothers had enough of freezing in the stand and decided to spend the money on two suits designed to keep you warm. Our personal, non-biased thoughts on each are below:


Heater Body Suit

Heater Body Suit

Great suit that keeps you plenty warm in freezing temps. The design has no arms, resulting in both advantages and disadvantages. You can move your arms inside of the suit without animals seeing your movement, which is great if you’re a fidgety person. However, when the time comes and you need to shoot or film you need to unzip the suit to free your arms. The zipper is extremely quiet and this hasn’t been an issue, but it’s definitely not as efficient as the IWOM suit.


IWOM XT Hunting System

IWOM XT Hunting Suit

The IWOM XT suit has many key advantages, including: built-in arms, a rubber waterproof foot-bed for your boots, quiet zippers and a double hood just to name a few. Our personal favorite feature is the built-in hand warmer. The hand warmer keeps your hands warm in -25 degree weather with no gloves on. You can also wear the IWOM as a jacket with the bottom portion buckled around your waist, this is a huge plus for walking to and from your stand/blind.

Both suits are quiet and do their job to keep us plenty warm, but if we were to purchase again we would both get the IWOM suit. The features of the IWOM heavily outweigh the Heater Body Suit, while keeping you just as warm!"

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