Hunting in cold weather has become possible again.

Had the chance this past week to put my IWOM to the test. Two mornings ago when I left the house at 5:30 am to go to my stand it was 22 degrees and the wind was blowing a cool 10 to 15 mph. traditionally the temperature drops another 2 to 4 degrees near daylight so it was cold without a doubt that day. I stayed cozy warm with no problem. In fact, I even unzipped a couple of times to cool down much to my disbelief. You get high marks from me for this garment. I am very satisfied. My only complaints were that my glasses kept fogging up, as they do with any sort of facemask that I wear and it was difficult to feel my kisser button through the mask. I just rolled the mask inside the garment and did not use it when game was moving around close by. Thanks for the warmth. Hunting in cold weather has become possible again.
Richard P., New York
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