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IWOM Hunting Suit: IF I hadn't discovered the IWOM product...I'd have never got the chance to kill this deer

"On 11/12 I slid into my favorite honey hole around 7:30 am. It's one of those places that you can't get to before daybreak because you usually blow the deer out of it. Trail cam pics had proven to me that the deer were using this little tract mid-morning and early afternoon to snack on acorns so my timing was good. It was a pretty nasty day with gusty winds that dropped the wind chill to -1. Luckily, I had my XT with me. A couple of decent layers walking in and climbing up then the XT went on. The first few hours, I saw a little buck and a doe, nothing else. But, around 11 am a big doe showed up. After thinking "That's the biggest doe I've ever seen" I watched her for a few minutes and thought "she's in heat". That's when I got really interested! A couple of minutes later my personal best buck showed up following his current love interest. A good 40-yard shot, and a short tracking job later, it was picture time. IF I hadn't discovered the IWOM product line a few years ago, I'd have never got the chance to kill this deer because I'd have stayed home or froze out and left!"

Jim Lamb  


Jim Lamb IWOM XT Illinois HuntJim Lamb Illinois Big Buck Hunt

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