"IWOM Review from a WarmBag owner.......ouch!" - IWOM Testimonial – IWOM Outerwear LLC
IWOM Review from a WarmBag owner.......ouch!

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IWOM Review from a WarmBag owner.......ouch!

IWOM Review from a WarmBag owner.......ouch! I've owned a first version WarmBag in ASAT camo and currently own the newer reversible camo WarmBag. Here on AT I’ve been a big proponent of the WarmBag because of being able to walk in with it on and easily slip my arms out to shoot or....text. I've never worn a Heater Body Suit but have seen and played with one. This last week I was given a chance to demo/own an IWOM here in Ohio. I was completely floored by the IWOM. Everything about it is almost dead-nuts, perfectly designed. I’m going to try and describe some of things that I was very impressed with that honestly the videos and owners of IWOM’s here on AT never mention. .... Click here to read Tim's full review with images --> 
Tim, Ohio
IWOM XT in Realtree APHD