My only wish was that I had one ten years ago!

I bought one for myself, and am simply blown away by it. I use it on hunts to the upper midwest, as well as at home in MA and VT. I have extended my in-field time by about 50%. I have found that my ability to stay warm on stand has almost disappeared since I
was sick several years ago. Your suit has given me complete freedom to sit in
the most extreme conditions. In fact, just today, on the last day of the MA
muzzleloader season, I sat for 9 hours in temperatures ranging from a wind-assisted
-15 to 0 with no wind. My hands were actually sweating, and I was
absolutely comfortable. We have sold several of them and only have to show
one to a prospective customer for them to see the quality and buy one. It
works with firearms or archery, from the ground or a blind. I cannot say
enough about it. The range of motion available while wearing it is awesome.
The comfort is tremendous, and it truly is waterproof. My only wish was that
I had one ten years ago! SUPERB!!!

Tom Decker, MA



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