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Boar hunt was a success. Had a solid hit in the shoulder but not enough lungs. Still had to track him most of the afternoon. Then he went into the thick stuff just before dark so we backed out and got someone on each side of us. 50 yards into it here he comes. 5 shots later he rolls a free throw shot from us. I guess I get to keep my nick name of lucky. Great time and a great hunt. #IWOM#innerwarmthoutermobility#iwomouterwear   Steve Harter, Wisconsin  IWOM XT in Predator Fall Gray

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"Spending well over 100 days afield annually doing what we love, our gear is what allows us to spend all our time in the elements day in and day out. We rely on it to get us through the day, every day. Today we are reviewing a vital piece of gear to battle cold weather, the IWOM XT. We shot this video during a Northwest Ohio whitetail hunt at temps hovering around zero." Eric Theis IWOM XT  Camo Used: Predator Fall Gray  For more from Eric Theis and Sandusky Plains Outdoors Click Here to visit his youtube channel. 

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"4 Year quest... DONE!!! Couldn't have sat that long without my suit (IWOM Hunting System). Public land"Johnny Jensen, Wisconsin  IWOM XT in Predator Fall Gray

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I am not a cold weather hunter. Opening day of the Wisconsin Gun season was 11/19 and it was a high of 30 degrees, 15 degrees with the wind chill with 30-40mph winds. I got in my stand around 4:30 am, kicked my boots off and crawled right into my IWOM. at 7:00 am my buck came walking through and I made a perfect 70-yard shot after rocking with the wind for about 10 minutes trying to get steady. The IWOM was so comfortable and easy to move around in to make the perfect shot on this deer. Any other...

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