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Best Hunting Gear, Cold Feet, IWOM XT, realtree -

went out this morning in 17-degree weather and was totally warm and toasty with just a light jacket on underneath the suit. 

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IWOM XT, No Thermals, Realtree -

snug as a bug in my suit, tennis shoes, cotton socks, no thermals, just blue Jean's and a thin long sleeve shirt and this great IWOM suit, perfectly comfortable.



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dry, hunt for hope, IWOM Pursuit XT, Pursuit XT, realtree, turkey hunt, warm, youth turkey opener -

"I had my son Dylan out this morning in Ky for the youth turkey opener in the snow! A first for me. But the IWOM he received on the Hunt for Hope in Ohio last fall kept him toasty warm and dry! What an amazing product. Hopefully, we can get one (Picture) with a bird in soon!"Darren D      IWOM XT Pursuit Realtree APHD

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Bow Hunt, Hunting Suit, IWOM XT, Late Season Hunting, Ohio, realtree -

Last nights success in Ohio. Late season can be brutal to bow hunt. I was a skeptic in the IWOM suit for a long time. I would never have been able to do it without it.Tim Fabbri, OhioIWOM XT Realtree APHD

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cold, Hunting Jacket, Hunting Suit, IWOM Review, IWOM XT, New Jersey, realtree -

I hit the blind today with my fall bow set up and the IWOM suit overtop. The temp was about 14 degrees and the wind knocked it down to 2 degrees. I was toasty the entire afternoon sit!!!The suit is all it’s cracked up to be. Gotta thank Bruce Gray for the recommendation. Louis Hornberger, NJIWOM XT in Realtree APHD

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