You fixed all the little annoying things you get with other hunting jackets.

I just thought I would reach out to you to give you a review of the IWOM. First, the purchase and shipment were fast and efficient. I received the IWOM on Wednesday of this week. It shipped on Tuesday. Thank you so much for putting the effort forward to develop this incredible hunting garment. You guys are true hunters! You fixed all the little annoying things you get with other hunting jackets.  Peripheral vision is outstanding with the hood up. Hearing was like you were not even wearing the hood. It was so nice not to have to smell my own bad breath. The zippers were installed for easy use in the sitting position. Easy to take a leak out of the stand too. You certainly thought of everything. The hand warmer pouch was toasty. So the main reason I bought this was for all the glowing reviews on how warm it is. Well, we put it to the test tonight. It was 14 degrees with an 18 to 20 MPH wind. Man, when you say windproof you are correct! I have never had a jacket that did not let in a little of the cold in these conditions. The rubber floor did well with just a pair of waterproof walkabouts. No heavy hunting boots tonight. It was so warm that I didn’t want to undo the bottom to get out of the stand. The 90-day money back guarantee is not in jeopardy here. Anyone that returns this gear is just dumb. I was talking with my hunting buddy Walt tonight, who didn’t make it out because he had to work, and he purchased one tonight. This gear is the finest cold weather gear I have ever used. Well done folks and thank you.


Warmest Regards

( No Pun Intended )


Scott Harmon – bow hunter since 1982

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