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Canada Hunt, IWOM XT, Saskatchewan, warm -

"The picture on the left shows just how cold it was in Saskatchewan as the moisture in the air formed ice crystals on the trail camera. The picture on the right shows just how warm I was sitting all day in my IWOM......"

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"I just recently received my IWOM XT a couple of days ago and had the first opportunity to put it to the test this morning here in Alabama @ 30°. For sure, not as cold some the temperatures mentioned in some of the testimonies, I've seen on your FB page.

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buck, Illinois, IWOM, whitetail -

F I hadn't discovered the IWOM product line a few years ago, I'd have never got the chance to kill this deer because I'd have stayed home or froze out and left!

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Heater Body Suit, IWOM Review, Rifle Season, Testimonial, wisconsin -

I am really regretting not getting a photo of the IWOM and my buck together. I shot a nice 11pt last rifle season in Wisconsin on opening morning. You have made a great product! I sold my Heater Body Suit for the IWOM and love it!

Thanks!   Jay

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