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IWOM Hunting System F.A.Q.

What is the difference between the IWOM XT and EL Hunting Systems?

The XT has 150 grams of Thinsulate throughout the body and 120grams in the arms to keep the bulk down for bow hunters. The EL has 120 grams of a high-end generic insulation throughout the body and 100 in the arms.


Both garments have the same waterproof, windproof outer shell fabric. The XT has waterproof zippers and taped sewn seams making it 100% waterproof and windproof. The EL has regular heavy-duty zippers with rain flaps and no taped sewn seams making it extremely water resistant.


The XT has a built-in head net, facemask, glove gaiters, rain hood and a fleece lined pass-through hand muff, all designed to keep as much of your body heat contained as possible. The EL has the facemask and built in hand warmer however no glove gaiters nor head net. The XT has a pass through opening in the top/middle of the shoulder blades to feed your safety harness tether strap through and the EL allows the tether strap to feed out the back of the collar and through the two middle snaps of the rain hood should one have it on, up and in use.

What does an IWOM hunting system weight?

Depending on your size the IWOM Huntings systems will weight between 7-8lbs

How is it supposed to fit?

The IWOM is meant to fit loose with the intention of allowing your trapped body heat to flow to your legs and feet. So be sure not to over layer in the suit as it will compress the insulation as well as eliminate air space for heat flow.

Can I take my boots off inside the suit?

You can however most do not. Those that do, usually do so that their feet air out from being damp from their walk in. They usually will toss a large hot hand at the bottom of the suit and rest their feet on that with all day success.

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How Do I know what size to select? 

To find the best fit for you, be sure to click on the "What's my size" button located on the product page. That will calculate your size, that you can then select for the sizing options. This size will give you plenty of room for your layering and boots. Of course if you still have questions please give us a ring or email.   1-814-272-5422 or Support@iwomouterwear.com

General Questions and Shipping

How soon will my order ship?

All orders with ship same day M-F as long as the order is placed by 2mp EST and your size is verified or there isn't an issue with size ordered.


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