IWOM HeatLoc Pro Extreme Insulated Hunting Suit Vs Heater Body Suit


IWOM HeatLoc Pro Extreme Heater Body Suit
Can Be Worn As Jacket? 
Pockets for your gear5
Weather-proof Rain Hood
Heat Release Points when in use03 (arm holes and head)
Orange Vest Accessory Included
Modes or Wear31 (Full Body Only)
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Need to unzip to shoot or draw your bow
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At IWOM, we engineered our Heatloc Pro Extreme Insulated Hunting Suit with a focus on achieving the perfect balance of warmth and mobility. While our competition might use more insulation, we prioritized strategic design, sealing all heat release points to maximize heat retention. This approach allows us to provide the same level of warmth with less bulk, giving you greater freedom of movement. Whether you're drawing your bow or aiming your rifle, our suit ensures you remain comfortable and agile, making it the ideal choice for any cold weather hunter.

About 3M Insulation

Outdoor Life: Gear Test

Check out this insightful review on cold-weather hunting body suits by Outdoor Life, where they tested the IWOM HeatLoc Pro (formerly known as the IWOM XT) and Heater Body Suit in extreme conditions. Discover how each suit performed in terms of warmth, mobility, and functionality. Spoiler: IWOM HeatLoc Pro stands out for its all-around performance and unique features. For a detailed comparison and to learn which suit emerged as the winner, read the full article.

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Customer Reviews

iwom heatloc pro insulated hunting suit snow camo alaska.webp__PID:caef64b1-bcb5-446c-a76c-f68817e12a75

Vital Connection Lamb Brothers

The features of the IWOM heavily outweigh the Heater Body Suit, while keeping you just as warm!

derek jones iwom heatloc pro predator fall gray with whitetail deer

Derek Jones

My new suit worked really well and helped me harvest a nice 11 pointer with my bow. Love the suit.

iwom heatloc pro extreme waterproof insulated cold weather hunting suit predator fall gray with whitetail deer

Michael VanGlider

20° that morning and everything frozen except for me, the IWOM suit is a real pleasure when the days get cold almost seems unfair to the deer.

iwom heatloc pro extreme insulated cold weather hunting suit mossy oak country dna.jpg__PID:f46ce76c-f688-47e1-aa75-50599b00adcc

David Lin

It’s right at 20 degrees outside…but feels like 75 degrees inside my IWOM.