IWOM Full Body Hunting Suits that act like a heater shield that contains your heat and scent to protect you from elements and Arctic temps

Conquer The Cold

With an IWOM XT Hunting System
No Competition
Total Heat and Scent Containment

The IWOM eliminates all of your traditional jacket and pant heat and scent release points. The chest zipper goes all the way up to your cheek and removes the heat release that you normally would find at the head area. The wrist gaiters at the ends of the sleeves ensure that the heat doesn't just flowing out the sleeves. The waist area where you normally would have the jacket and pant overlap is eliminated all together. And finally your feet are totally enclosed capping off the ultimate scent and heat containment system.

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3 Modes of Wear

You wont have to sweat on your way into the woods. You can stay mobile without overheating. The IWOM can be tolled into a built-in carry bag or strapped around your waist and worn as a parka. Unlike other full body heater suits, the IWOM allows you to freely use your arms and hands without having to unzip the suit before taking your shot.

Stay Toasty
Never get cold feet again

With the IWOM's zipper sealed bottom, your legs and feet stay comfortable using the warm air that circulates throughout the suit flowing from your chest and stomach area down to your legs and feet. A rubber coating between your boots and the ground ensure there is no leak-through.

The Best Full Body Hunting System


This hunting system checks all the boxes and is a game changer for your hunts.