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"Spending well over 100 days afield annually doing what we love, our gear is what allows us to spend all our time in the elements day in and day out. We rely on it to get us through the day, every day. Today we are reviewing a vital piece of gear to battle cold weather, the IWOM XT. We shot this video during a Northwest Ohio whitetail hunt at temps hovering around zero." Eric Theis IWOM XT  Camo Used: Predator Fall Gray  For more from Eric Theis and Sandusky Plains Outdoors Click Here to visit his youtube channel. 

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Last nights success in Ohio. Late season can be brutal to bow hunt. I was a skeptic in the IWOM suit for a long time. I would never have been able to do it without it.Tim Fabbri, OhioIWOM XT Realtree APHD

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Like most of the consumers in the world I have a difficulty making what I perceive to be big purchases. So one of our co-founders (Larry Mitchell) has been telling me for some time now that I need an IWOM Outerwear suit. At first, I was hesitant. Could they really be that warm? Last night Larry and I were talking, and I mentioned I was going to hunt this morning. He offered to let me borrow his IWOM suit to try it out. It is currently -3 with a real feel of -11 here in central Ohio. I am currently...

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Boy, what a difference. Saturday it was 20-28* with a stiff 15 mph NW wind, and Sunday it was 16-21* with a light breeze. Each sit was 5-6 hours long and I didn't get anywhere close to being cold. That hand muff must be the warmest one on the planet. Overall I'm extremely pleased with my IWOM. Couldn't be happier. I just wish I would have bought one sooner so I could've had it on my trip to Ohio last month, there were a couple days there where I froze my butt off! Derek, Ohio

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