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    The IWOM XT is a one piece full body hunting suit that was designed for the hunter in any condition from 40 degrees above to -40 degrees below. The IWOM XT has 3 different modes of wear; Fanny pack mode which allows you to strap the suit around your waist ( rolled up like a sleeping bag in a self-contained stretch pouch) for easy packing and storage while also giving you additional storage in the stretch pouch for small gear items. When in jacket mode the IWOM XT has the mobility of a traditional high-end jacket while keeping you completely mobile and protected from the elements. Finally, in full body containment mode, the IWOM XT eliminates all the heat release points that you would have in traditional hunting jackets around the head, waist, and feet. When fully deployed the garment acts like a heater suit that not only traps in your heat but also your scent, giving you the ultimate outdoor edge and experience for all day protection.


    • Premium Thinsulate Insulation
    • Handwarmer Pocket
    • Integrated Facemask
    • Zip-Close Bottom
    • Hand Gaiters
    • Breathable
    • Windproof
    • SmartSilver Scent Management
    • Waterproof
    • Taped Seams
    • Waterproof Zippers 


    • Shell: 100% Polyester Microfiber Brushed Tricot 240g/m2
    • Lamination: 8,000/800
    • Lining:100% Polyester Microfiber Fleece 130g/m2
    • Insulation:120g(Arms) /150g(Body) Premium 3M Thinsulate Insulation (G)
    • Waterproof/Breathable
      Fully Taped Seams
      Integrated Hand Warmer
    • Kangaroo Pocket
    • Insulated Zip-Closed Bottom Panel
    • Water Resistant Zippers
    • Freedom Waist Belt System
    • Attached Rain Hood
    • Teather Strap Opening
    • Self-contained Fanny Pack Function
    • Integrated Facemask
    • Thumb/Wrist Gaiter
    • SmartSilver Scent Management

    IWOM Hunting Systems are sized by height and girth to give you the best fit and experience possible.

    How do I know what options to select? 

    Hunting Jacket Size: You want to select the size of your hunting jacket that you currently use while layering in late season.

    Barefoot Height: Select the height range that you fall into. Example: if you are 6'3" then you want to select the (6'2"-6'6") option.  Example 2: If you are 6'1 1/2" move up to the (6'2"-6'6") option as you don't want to be restricted in any way.    

    IWOM has a 100% satisfaction guarantee warranty for the whole season...even if you take it out in the field and use it if it doesn't meet or exceed your expectations you will get a refund no questions asked.



    Ask a Question
    • Can I use any ozone product with this?

      We do not permit the use of Ozone devices on our products as it may have negative effects on the elastic and rubber parts of the garment. 

    • What are the differences between the EL and XT hunting systems?

      The XT has 150 grams of Thinsulate throughout the body and 120grams in the arms to keep the bulk down for bow hunters.  The EL has 120 grams of a high-end insulation throughout the body and 100 in the arms.  Both garments have the same waterproof, windproof outer shell fabric.  The XT has waterproof zippers and taped sewn seams making it 100% waterproof and windproof.  The EL has regular heavy duty zippers with rain flaps and no taped sewn seams making it extremely water resistant.  The XT has a built-in head net, facemask, glove gaiters, rain hood and a fleece lined pass through hand muff, all designed to keep as much of your body heat contained as possible.  The EL has the facemask and built-in hand warmer, however, no glove gaiters nor head net.  The XT has a pass-through opening in the top/middle of the shoulder blades to feed your safety harness tether strap through and the EL allows the tether strap to feed out the back of the collar and through the two middle snaps of the rain hood should one have it on, up and in use.  Both garments come with our full satisfaction guarantee allowing you to use the garment for one hunting season and return it for a full refund should it not meet or exceed your expectations.

    • I'm a saddle hunter and wondering if it work for that. Is their a hole trough the pockets I can run my bridge through to hook to my tether rope?

      Hello Devin   The IWOM XT has passthrough zippered pockets on each side at the waist and one passthrough pocket on the right thigh area.  Since we have had no personal experience with using a saddle with the IWOM XT although many of our customers have, I have attached a link to the Tree Saddle forum so you can read the thread started in 2014 with comments from end users.  https://saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?threads/heater-body-suit-iwom.133/page-2 I hope you find this information useful.   Allen & Team IWOM         


      Hello Brian,  Thank you for your interest in IWOM Hunting Parka System. The IWOM is constructed of a quiet, soft to the touch brushed tricot outer shell. It has a waterproof, breathable bonded membrane, simular to the GoreTex membrane, with all the sewn seams taped and heat sealed, including waterproof zippers throughout.  We do not vent the arm pits but the garment can be vented on each side of at the waist area with pass-through inside pockets.  If can also be vented on the right thigh pass through relief zipper opening.  It was also designed so it can easily be unzipper and dropped off your shoulders, and clipped at the waist in a secure position, in case you need to stand quickly to grab your weapon.             

      It is insulated with 150 grams of Thinsulate insulation in the body of the garment in addition to 100 grams in the arms to keep the bulk at a minimum. The inner lining is a micro fleece embedded with SmartSilver antibacterial nano particles. The can be machine washed in cold water and we recommend hang drying or if necessary, tumbled on the air fluff cycle. Its temperature profile is from 40 degrees to well below zero with the proper layering.

      In our eighth year of having hunters in the field in Canada and the USA wearing IWOMs in all kinds of weather conditions, our return rate is less than one percent, as we let you decide if the IWOM meets or exceeds your expectations, will our satisfaction, money back, 90 day/first hunting season of use guarantee.  According to your measurement our 5'9"-6'1" Medium/Large would fit you perfectly.    If you would like to speak with David Eisenhuth the designer and avid bow hunter or myself we can be reached Monday-Friday 9:00AM-6:00PM EST or via email almost anytime.   Thank you again for your interest in the IWOM and I look forward to hearing from you soon.   Best regards,   Allen Potter, Managing Partner IWOM Outerwear, LLC 1981 Pine Hall Road State College, PA 16801 Office: 814-272-5400 Fax: 814-272-5425

    • I have purchased suposedly cold weather bow hunting clothing before and retyrned it because when the temps dropped the fabric turned to loud cardboard. It got stiff. Uneffectuve and Loud. Does this priduct remain quiet. And soft in all temps and weather?

      Hello  I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  The IWOM is made from a soft to the touch micro brushed tricot fabric.  It is as quiet as we can make a windproof, waterproof garment.  It is not as quiet as pure fleece but pure fleece will not keep you in the stand in weather conditions that our garment will.  That is why we let you decide if it is quiet enough for the way you hunt.  Most of our customers are bow hunters and we have less than a 1% return rate so I think our chances are pretty good that you will also decide that it is quiet enough for your liking.   Again let me know if you have any additional questions and we look forward to getting you into an IWOM at some point in the near future.   Allen
        Allen Potter, Managing Partner IWOM Outerwear, LLC 1981 Pine Hall Road State College, PA 16801 Office: 814-272-5422 x 1 Fax: 814-272-5425

    • How do you use a safety harness with the iwom suit with your style of leg coverage? What type of harness do you recommend. With the harness I have my legs need to be separated so I can put each leg individually into my harness.

      You put on your safety harness before the IWOM XT Hunting System. The tether strap then runs out the padded safety harness passthrough slit in the back of the suit. 

    • Can I wear lighter boots with the iwom and stay warm. Heading to Alberta this year. Don't really like bulky boots

      Yes many of our customer take their boots off and use the oversized hand warmers in the bottom of the bottom panel or boot blanket over their sock feet.  I hope this information helps.  

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