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First, the purchase and shipment were fast and efficient. I received the IWOM on Wednesday of this week. It shipped on Tuesday. Thank you so much for putting the effort forward to develop this incredible hunting garment. You guys are true hunters! You fixed all the little annoying things you get with other hunting jackets.

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Like most of the consumers in the world I have a difficulty making what I perceive to be big purchases. So one of our co-founders (Larry Mitchell) has been telling me for some time now that I need an IWOM Outerwear suit. At first, I was hesitant. Could they really be that warm? Last night Larry and I were talking, and I mentioned I was going to hunt this morning. He offered to let me borrow his IWOM suit to try it out. It is currently -3 with a real feel of -11 here in central Ohio. I am currently...

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I bought my IWOM Suit last year at the show and if you hunt in ANY state that it gets COLD this is the only product to consider, this is by far the best Outwear I have ever owned. But it does not stop there, They have introduced the IWOM APS Fleece Series, If your kids play Baseball, Football, Soccer, Track & Field you understand how cold it can get - I wish I had this 15 years ago when my kid was in sports. WOMEN this is your ultimate cold weather gear for watching outdoor sports. www.iwomouterwear.com or visit...

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I hit the blind today with my fall bow set up and the IWOM suit overtop. The temp was about 14 degrees and the wind knocked it down to 2 degrees. I was toasty the entire afternoon sit!!!The suit is all it’s cracked up to be. Gotta thank Bruce Gray for the recommendation. Louis Hornberger, NJIWOM XT in Realtree APHD

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