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"4 Year quest... DONE!!! Couldn't have sat that long without my suit (IWOM Hunting System). Public land"Johnny Jensen, Wisconsin  IWOM XT in Predator Fall Gray

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 This has got to be the best customer service I have ever had when dealing with a company! Absolutely great experience!!! Thanks again!  Tracy

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"Been hunting hard for this deer since the beginning of deer season. Named him Brutus. Over 300 hours of sitting in the stand with only seeing him once for 6 minutes. Finally connected with him today. He gave me a quartering to shot at 25 yards. Not the greatest shot but I took it with my bow. He ran 40 yards and I watched him drop. He’s the biggest buck I’ve shot and I couldn’t be happier. He had a double main beam on one side with a drop tine on the base. He has 13 points and holds his...

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"Used my new IWOM XT opening day in PA, wow, for once I was warm, comfortable and didn't feel like the Pillsbury dough boy wearing all those clothes. Shot this nice nine pt in Sugarloaf township!!"Michael B, Pennsylvania 

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