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Refurbished IWOM Heatloc Lite Insulated Hunting Suit

Refurbished IWOM Heatloc Lite Insulated Hunting Suit

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IWOM Heatloc Lite Insulated Hunting Suit Product Description

Formerly known as the IWOM EL Hunting Suit, this innovative garment is engineered to provide unparalleled warmth and comfort in chilly and frigid conditions, making it the ideal companion for treestand hunters, bow hunters, rifle hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Crafted for hunters seeking warmth and mobility during long hours in the stand or while stalking game, the IWOM Heatlock Lite features advanced insulation technology to combat cold temperatures without restricting movement. Its lightweight design ensures freedom of movement, allowing you to stay comfortable and focused throughout your hunt.

With three unique wear modes, the IWOM Heatlock Lite adapts seamlessly to your hunting needs. Roll it up and secure it around your waist in fanny pack mode for convenient packing and storage, or switch to jacket mode for enhanced mobility and protection from the elements.

In full-body containment mode, experience unmatched heat retention as the IWOM Heatlock Lite eliminates common heat release points found in traditional hunting jackets. This innovative design traps both body heat and scent, providing the ultimate edge for bow hunters and rifle hunters seeking all-day warmth and concealment.

Upgrade your hunting experience with the IWOM Heatlock Lite Insulated Hunting Suit and enjoy warmth, mobility, and protection on every hunt.

IWOM Heatloc Lite Insulated Hunting Suit Features

IWOM Heatloc Lite Insulated Hunting Suit Features

  • Extremely Water-Resistant
  • Windproof
  • Built in Self Contained Fanny Pack
  • Hand Muff / Hand Warmer Pocket
  • SmartSilver Antimicrobial Scent Management 
  • 3 Modes of Wear (Jacket, Full Length, Fanny Pack)
  • Rain Hood
  • Fleece Lining
  • Large Kangaroo Pocket
  • Durable Insulated Zip-Close Bottom Panel
  • Built in Facemask (Half Mask)
  • Freedom Waist Belt For Off The Shoulder Wear
  • Breathable
  • Detachable Rain Hood




Shell: 100% Polyester Microfiber Brushed Tricot with DWR 240g/m2

Lamination: 8,000/800

Lining: 100% Poly-tricot Material Brushed 110g/m2

Insulation: Standard 120g/m2 for Body, 100g/m2 for sleeves

Water Repellent Treatment on Outer Fabric

IWOM Heatloc Lite VS IWOM Heatloc Pro Hunting Suits

Features Exclusive to the IWOM Heatloc Pro:

  1. 100% Waterproof: The Pro version offers full waterproofing for superior protection against moisture, while the Lite version is water-resistant.
  2. Full Head and Face-Mask: The Pro version includes a full head and face-mask for comprehensive coverage, whereas the Lite version features a half mask that extends up to the ears.
  3. Wrist Gaiters with Thumb Hole: Exclusive to the Pro version, wrist gaiters with thumb holes provide added warmth and protection for your hands.
  4. 20% More Insulation: The Heatloc Pro boasts 20% more insulation than the Lite version, ensuring maximum warmth in cold weather conditions.
  5. Rubberized Zippers and Heat Sealed Seams: Featuring rubberized zippers and heat-sealed seams, the Pro version offers enhanced waterproofing and durability.
  6. Sewn-On Rain Hood: The rain hood on the Heatloc Pro is sewn on for waterproofing purposes, providing complete protection from the elements.
  7. Dedicated Padded Safety Harness Pass-Through: The Pro version includes a dedicated padded safety harness pass-through on the back, ensuring safety without compromising comfort. The Lite version allows the safety tether to run up between the snaps of the removable hood which is a unique feature to the lite version.

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Care Instructions

When washing your IWOM Hunting Suit, first open all of the zippers so that is allows water to flow through it and not get trapped. Remove the fleece lined hand warmer insert by detaching the Velcro in the inside of the cuff opening. Turn XT inside out so that the inner lining that was closest to your body is exposed. For the wash settings be sure to use gentle option with cold water. Hang air drying is recommended. Hang the XT inside out for one day, then turn XT camo side out for the second day of drying. At the end of the second day reinstall the hand warmer insert by first turning the cuffs inside out. Insert the fleece muff with the U shape down. Align the Velcro strips accordingly so that the hook and loop side are flat and not bunched up at all. Turn cuff right side out. If you require a quicker drying method place the XT in the dryer on the gentle setting to make sure that the suit isn't getting unwanted heat applied to the XT's rubber zippers, waterproof/windproof membrane and heat sealed taped seams. That could damage the waterproofing and void your warranty. 

Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee

IWOM has a 100% satisfaction, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If your IWOM product is defective, we kindly ask you to contact the store where you purchased it. Please remember to bring a valid receipt or any other proof of purchase.

If your product fails due to a manufacturing or material defect, we will of course repair the item or replace it within the warranty period.

Damages or faults such as rips, tears, burns and holes are not covered under the terms of our warranty policy. In some cases, you can repair damages caused by normal wear and tear yourself.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with IWOM Outerwear  for further information about your product guarantee.


IWOM Outerwear warrants to the original purchaser, with proof of purchase, that its delivered products shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of 1 year.

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IWOM Insulated Camo Best Hunting Suit in Treestand During Whitetail archey cold weather hunting season

Feet Stay Toasty Warm In This Hunting Suit


With the IWOM's zipper sealed bottom, your legs and feet stay comfortable using the warm air that circulates throughout the suit flowing from your chest and stomach area down to your legs and feet acting like a natural heated hunting jacket. A rubber coating between your boots and the ground ensure there is no leak-through.

IWOM XT Insualted Camo Hunting Suit | Tree stand coldweather deer season hunting



The IWOM eliminates all of your traditional jacket and pant heat and scent release points. The chest zipper goes all the way up to your cheek and removes the heat release that you normally would find at the head area. The adjustable wrist straps at the ends of the sleeves ensure that the heat doesn't just flow out the ends of the sleeves. The waist area where you normally would have the jacket and pant overlap is eliminated all together. And finally your feet are totally enclosed capping off the ultimate scent and heat containment system.


Versatility Over Other Cold Weather Hunting Gear


The IWOM can be rolled into a built-in carry bag or strapped around your waist and worn as a jacket. Unlike other full body heater suits, the IWOM allows you to freely use your arms and hands without having to unzip the suit before taking your shot. This allows maximum warmth for your leg a foot area.